Having one hand is not a limitation to my running

Having one hand is not a limitation to my running
Having one hand is not a limitation to my running

I was born with one hand missing – the word ‘missing’ though is not really accurate because you can’t miss what you never had. I joke with my friends and family that if I wake up one day with five extra fingers, I wouldn’t know what to do with them!

I wasn’t a sporty kid but about fifteen years ago, I decided to take up running. I ran
consistently and improved year on year and in 2016, I decided to run the TCS Amsterdam half Marathon. I ran with my brother and enjoyed the race tremendously, so we decided to participate again this year.

I don’t feel that I can’t do things because I only have one hand. Except riding a bicycle, that is hard! But my approach is to always look for a solution rather than obsesses about the problem. Two years ago, I wanted to climb Mont Ventoux. This was an emotional journey for me, as I wanted to pay tribute to my son who died two years ago in a car accident. He was an extremely sporty kid and would have turned 29 on that day and I felt this was a very special way of remembering him on his birthday. I was accompanied my brother, other relatives and friends and I wore a prosthetic hand in order to keep a proper grip on the bike. It was an overwhelming journey. But nothing should stop you from doing what you want, I
really believe that.

I enjoy running with others but I really love to train on my own. There are times while training that I totally forget about my struggles and challenges and I am consumed by the run itself. I enjoy every moment of it and that is the best feeling in the world. Let nothing stop you, always believe in yourself since you have the power to do much more than you can imagine. That is my mantra.

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