On the run to balance work and life

On the run to balance work and life
On the run to balance work and life

I started running twelve years ago. Training just once a week, I started enrolling for races. I began with 10km runs and ended up completing the ten miles run of Antwerp soon. Eventually, I finished the Brussels twenty km run.

Mustering enough courage to tackle a real challenge, I increased my training to four times a week. Last year, I followed a twelve-week marathon training program for the Brussels’ marathon. I was pleased with the finish time of 4:42 as this was a tough event to compete in.

A loaded work profile which includes managing around 3500 employees at the telecom company Proximus makes my days super busy. As the father of two young children, my personal life is equally demanding. In this context, my running sessions help me relax and balance life easier.

While grappling with conflicts, running helps me focus and see the many sides of a situation. My emotions soften, allowing me to connect and relate better to the other person’s point of view.

Running unleashes the creativity within too. For example, if I have to give a presentation, I start visualizing the subject while running. In a few months, I will be giving a speech about ‘growth’. Referring to my running routine, I explained that it is a “brilliant way to cool off when the pace of life becomes frenzied”.

This year, it will be my second marathon in Amsterdam. I should be able to better my Brussels marathon time since I’ve continued to train well after that event. 

Thanks to TCS, a partner of our company, my wife and children will join me for the marathon weekend. My plan is to run the marathon every year. Hopefully, my family can be there every time since it would create the perfect ‘balance’ for me.

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