The energy of the crowd in Amsterdam is infectious

The energy of the crowd in Amsterdam is infectious
The energy of the crowd in Amsterdam is infectious

For the last six years, marathons have been an inextricable part of my life. More than just another physical activity, it is now an essential daily routine edging me on. It’s my way of meditating, unifying the body and soul to maintain health, fitness, and balance.

While running a marathon, I’m always competing with myself. I have the freedom to tailor the course according to my tastes and needs. I feel motivated to run and perform as I consider running to be an expression of personal freedom. 

Since taking up running, my life has transformed in many ways. I have made friends, faced challenges together, learnt valuable life lessons, and earned significant recognitions, all the while evolving as a person. 

Sharing the same passion, my wife also runs marathons. We talk about training and means to enhance our performance. As runners, we complement each other. Also, the best part is that I can eat whatever I want without obsessing over calories – because I RUN! 

In May this year, I proudly ran the Geneva marathon and completed within the time 4:05:55. This achievement was extra-special, as it was my first time visiting Switzerland. 

A superhero isn’t born with extraordinary powers, but instead, it is and ordinary someone who transforms to take up exceptional tasks. Marathoners are superheroes because it is always mind over body in this sport. Beyond the physical fitness, a powerful and resilient mind will yield results. Nothing but a superhero attitude can push the broken and fatigued body past the finish line. 

This October, I will compete in my 8th marathon – running the TCS Amsterdam Marathon for the second time. The excitement is the same as the first time around. The inspiring ambience of the Olympic Stadium as well as exceptional energy of the crowd is infectious. This incredible spirit melts the tiredness away, making marathoners leap higher, run faster and reach further in Amsterdam!

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